Saturday, January 29, 2022



Part 1: Animal riddles

Part 2: Place riddles

Part 3: People riddles

Part 4: Object riddles


Part 5: Sports jokes

Part 6: Food jokes

Part 7: Random jokes


Part 1: Animal riddles

Hidden in the the rainforest,

I am hard to see.

Yellow body and black spots,

My teeth as strong as I can be.

Kings of Africa,

We rule the land,

Striking fear into creature's hearts,

Our manes for the demand.

Part 2: Place riddles

Placed in Asia,

Shaped like a chicken.

Having mostly black-haired men,

Much larger than a den.

Asian isle,

Glorious land.

Surrounded by the ocean,

Oh, victory to blossom trees!

Part 3: People riddles

Famous English author,

He writes his acts with lawyers.

Once a notorious man,

A language creator,

A famous and dead author.

Unbelievable footballer player,

He scores another goal, yeah.

He flicks it up,

And kicks it down,

for Rooney to strike it into the goal!

Part 4: Object riddles

I'm a sneaky follower,

Following my own master.

Sometimes a thing or person he be,

And in the night I fade away.

I show the time of England,

The hands go moving even.

I sometimes go Dong!

And it signals the people,

That it is a full of an hour.


Part 5: Sports jokes

Q: Who is always third best in women's football?

A: Lucy Bronze!

Q: Where do penguins play their cups?

A: At Cold Trafford!

Part 6: Food jokes

Q: What do lions eat for breakfast?

A: Man-wiches!

Q: What do peregrine falcons eat?

A: FAST-foods!

Part 7: Random jokes

Q: What do you make when you cross a mammoth with a polar bear?

A: A molar bear!

Q: What do you make if you cross a venomous snake with a mathematician?

A: An adder!

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