Friday, January 1, 2021


Series: The Series of the Olisen Mysteries
Book No.1 of the series

The Olisens are investigating a halloween-y mystery. There are spooky appearances and weird noises. Can the first-class detectives solve this mystery? 

Chapter 1 Halloween!

Chapter 2 Out-spooked

Chapter 3 Bloody fangs and howling radios

Chapter 4 Wrapped up people

Chapter 5 Cobwebs, bats and pumpkin that glows

Chapter 6 Skull hats and skeleton bones

Chapter 7 Mystery ends with prizes


Chapter 1


        “It’s All Hallows' Eve!” shouted seven-year-old Charlie, reading his favourite comic book, THE SUNSHINE OF THE WARLOCKS.

        “Tomorrow King Tut’s ghost will be flying around Sahara Desert!” joked eleven-year-old Mary, who was chewing her strawberry gum.

        “And many candy eats,” Charlie said to nine-year-old Sally.

        “Remember, all monsters are just children in costumes,” said fifteen-year-old James, humming. “Grandfather is out buying costumes for us for candy collecting,” he added, holding up a jack-o'-lantern.

        “Let’s wait for tomorrow then!” Charlie exclaimed, who didn’t like waiting. Just then, Grandfather busted in with a bunch of bags, out of breath.

Chapter 2


        “G…Ghost, saw it with my own eyes,” grandfather Edward Olisen panted.

        “Grandfather, you know ghosts don’t exist!” James and Mary both cried out at the same time, surprised at what they heard.

        “I really can go through it!” Grandfather said calmly. 

        “I’m sure there is a logical explanation about it,” Sally chirped, excited as though she just went to an amusement park, “There’s a mystery if there are strange sightings!”

        And Sally is right. Mystery, on!!!

Chapter 3

Bloody fangs and howling radios

        The children were in Spidio (Spider Xtreme Studio). They were talking to a bald man with a moustache. “I’m John James Jostrone and people call me Triple J,” the man said, “I heard you are first class detectives!”

        “Hi, Mr. Jostrone, do you work here?” Charlie asked, overexcited.

        “Yes, I have two jobs. I work here and at Boostate,” Triple J chirped, “What else are you asking me, children?”

        “Do you know anything about monsters appearing at night?” Sally exclaimed curiously.

        “No one is going to answer that and the monsters will not disappear,” Triple J replied furiously.

        Why did Triple J seem angry about this conversation?

        Just then, James saw a blood filled fang of a vampire and a radio. He saw a button on the radio labeled 'werewolf'.

        Why did Triple J have a howling radio?

Chapter 4

Wrapped up people

        “I must be going now,” said Triple J. He walked away and stopped in front of a blonde-haired man. 

        The man pulled out a tissue roll from his pocket. “Just as I planned,” the man said with an evil grin.

        “Master Lucius, those children are getting in my way!” Triple J muttered. 

        Lucius wrapped the tissue on a woman who had a label on her shirt written 'Mummishe'.

        “M … mm … mmm…” the woman mumbled. She was pretending to be a mummy.

        “We have three suspects now,” Mary whispered, so no one except her brothers and sisters heard her.

        “We need to be sure that which one of them made the monsters,” Charlie whispered back.

Chapter 5

Cobwebs, bats and pumpkin that glows

        The Olisen children are in 'The Company of all Companies'. When they’re at the lobby, Mary asked a blue-haired man for the key to Boostate.

        “Do you know which room and which key to Boostate?” Mary asked. The man searched in the key box and held up a key.

        “Go to the 15th room on the 2nd floor,” the man said.

        Just then, Lucius came out of the elevator holding a pumpkin.

        The children rushed into the elevator and went to the 2nd floor and into a darkened corridor. They pushed the 15th door a little so they can hear what the people inside were saying.

        “Mummishe, you have to listen to me!” Triple J warned.

        “John, you can’t do this!” Mummishe begged, wiping away her tears of anger.

        “This is for master Lucius!” Triple J shouted.

        The couple was lost for words. A moment later, Triple J finally said something, “This cobweb goes  here and that bat goes there.” Those words made Sally confused.

        What was he talking about?

Chapter 6

Skull hats and skeleton bones

        The Olisen children were bewildered. What was Triple J up to?! They talked about the clues and restudied them.

        Charlie decided to call Lucius’s phone number.

        “Won’t it be dangerous?” Mary disagreed.

        “No,” Charlie replied stubbornly, what almost seemed like he was determined and had planned about this.

        They found his number in the phone book and called #852 9831 5273. They waited for a minute.

        When Lucius answered, Charlie immediately started asking questions. “What is your surname? Why did Triple J call you ‘master’?” Charlie asked curiously.

        “Who are you?” was his answer.

        “Olisens, first class detect…” Charlie began, but Lucius already hung up.

        “I heard him talking about pirates and skeletons,” Charlie announced. We glanced at each other.

        Why had Lucius hung up?

Chapter 7

Mystery ends with prizes

        The Olisens were inventing a night people detector.

        “This is for detecting people in the dark and on my calculation, the person will strike tonight,” Mary said. The moon rose, and the Olisens were ready. They found Triple J at the side of a river moving tonnes of candy and jack-o’-lanterns that he stole and hid in a hollow tree on last year's All Hallows' Day. They brought Triple J to the police officer and the officer said, “Here are bags of candy for you. Happy Halloween!”

        “We're candyaires now!” Charlie joked happily.

        They told Lucius Triple J was captured. Lucius told them his surname was Scorpricto and he didn’t know Triple J was up to no good.

        “Sorry, Mr. Scorpricto,” Mary confessed.

        “It's I who should say sorry, first-class detectives!” Lucius cheered.




  1. Hi Nick Flames, what an interesting story of the Olisens with a few creative drawings, I can't wait for your next story. Well done

  2. Hey there, Nick Flames.
    Such an amazing story, with astonishing plot and gorgeous drawings!!
    Your story is igniting the readers’s hearts to go on for investigating mysteries, just like your name, Flames!!
    Keep it up!!

  3. Hi Nick, I really enjoy reading your story. Keep up the good work, your drawing is superb as well. Maybe you can publish a book one day.

  4. Hi Nick, this is a nice story with an interesting plot. Keep up the good work and you might be a best-selling author. From Cato Kwok