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Series: The Series of the Olisen Mysteries

Book No. 2 of the series


The Olisens were sucked into the game, ‘Mystery Mansion’ by a portal. They bumped into a mystery and had to solve it. Could the master detectives solve the Mystery of the VR Mansion? Read this book and find out.

Chapter 1 The VR dimension

Chapter 2 The rabbit-y shadow

Chapter 3 Disaster in the camp

Chapter 4 Trapped!

Chapter 5 The secret passage

Chapter 6 The threatening warning and the billionaire

Chapter 7 The runaway limousine's driver

Chapter 8 The Easter Bunny's curse, the tour on Mount Voltania and Prophentus's fake brother (Part I)

Chapter 8 The Easter Bunny's curse, the tour on Mount Voltania and Prophentus's fake brother (Part II)

Chapter 8 The Easter Bunny's curse, the tour on Mount Voltania and Prophentus's fake brother (Part III)

Chapter 9 Filthy, stinky, clumsy, king of stupidity (Part I)

Chapter 9 Filthy, stinky, clumsy, king of stupidity (Part II)

Chapter 10 Helma and the book of the dead secretary (Part I)

Chapter 10 Helma and the book of the dead secretary (Part II)

Chapter 11 Falling into a cave and into a pile of pebbles

Chapter 12 The house in the cave

Chapter 13 The stupid rabbit

Chapter 14 Back home to Frosterburg

Coming Up: The Adventure in Asgard

Chapter 1 The VR dimension

        It was a quiet night on Caestar Avenue. Every window was dark except for one light in the Olisen House. The light on the left of the third storey was on. Inside, the Olisens were playing a game called ‘Mystery Mansion’.

        There were six characters in the game, Lily, a girl who had a magical brain, Allen, who had travelled around the VR world three times, Violet, who killed the monster Condor with her intelligence, Casey, a teenager who slew a Gorgon with water, Rucky, a big tomcat with crocodile feet, and Prophentus (Pro-fen-tus), a bossy god who had a jaguar skin as a cloak.

        Suddenly, a portal appeared on the screen. James touched it to see if it was safe. Three milliseconds later, he was gone. The other Olisens touched it too. They whooshed down a whirlpool and took their first step into cyberspace.

Chapter 2 The rabbit-y shadow

        They were in a misty forest with high treetops. One was even higher than a 4-storey house!

        “Where are we?” asked Charlie anxiously.

        “I think we are in ‘Mystery Mansion’,” James replied, slowly finding his way across the fragile rope bridge above the Adventure River.

        Suddenly, Sally saw a moving shadow hiding in the bushes. She thought it was just her imagination, but everybody saw it.

        “Strange,” Mary said, “do you remember anyone who lives outside the mansion or Starboot Camp, Sally?”

        “No,” Sally answered, examining the bushes that the shadow just hid in. There were paw-prints everywhere!

        “If I'm right, these should be rabbit-prints,” Mary announced. Mary was a master in animals and a techno-whiz.

        What was happening in ‘Mystery Mansion’?

Chapter 3 Disaster in the camp

        That night, the Olisens had to camp on the forest grounds. They found Starboot Camp. Starboot Camp was where people lived if they were far from the mansion.

        They found the camp's owner, Jim. “Hi, Jim, four tickets to the guest hotel please,” Sally said politely and shoved eight dollars into Jim's half-opened palm. Jim gave the Olisens four tickets.

        “Go to the fourteenth chamber in the north wing's left corridor. The fourteenth chamber is at the end of the corridor. After you give the tickets to the person who collects the tickets, you will see a gigantic collection of doors. The fifteenth door upstairs of the chamber is the girls' room, whilst the twentieth door downstairs is the boys' room,” Jim instructed half-heartedly, reading THE MYSTERIOUS POWER OF THE UNKNOWN.

        “Thank you!” said Mary. Jim shooed them away because the Olisens' thank-yous were too annoying.

        When the Olisens arrived at the entrance of the north wing, the boys glimpsed the same shadow they saw in the forest going into the right corridor.

        After the boys went into the north wing, walked through the long, dark corridor, opened the fourteenth door, went into the chamber, and gave their tickets to the ticket collector, they went into their room and unpacked their things (actually just a few books and a mouse that they were holding when they played ‘Mystery Mansion’). Then, they visited the girls and told them about the shadow.

        “Do you think the rabbit is following us?” Charlie asked his elder sister.

        “I think it is following another person, because we barely went here, and we haven't even said a word to it!” Mary replied confidently. Mary was never anxious!

        The next day, the Olisens woke up earlier than usual.

        Suddenly, an alarm blared through the camp, but it was muffled.

        The reason it was muffled was because the alarm was in the vault far away from the north wing. It was in the south wing. The thief was faster than a bullet! He even got time to close the vault door before the guards came!

        Back in the girls' room, the Olisens figured the thief must have run into a room for shelter and ran out after the guards went out.

        The thief was clever, but not clever enough to leave a clue! He or she dropped an old-fashioned piece of A5 parchment. On it, there were six letters and twelve numbers: W04 05 04 / E03 04 05 SEGG. They figured out it meant there were two thieves. One of the thieves lived in the fourth room of the fifth chamber in the fourth corridor of the west wing, while the other lived in the fifth room of the fourth chamber in the third corridor of the east wing. They also figured that the thieves were gaining on eggs.

        The Olisens' concentration was all on the mystery, so they almost forgot it was Easter! The Olisens each hid an egg for their siblings to find. None of the Olisens found the eggs. When James looked in the hiding spot he hid the egg in, he only saw cobwebs. They figured out the thieves silently stole their eggs, unnoticed.

Chapter 4 Trapped!

        The Olisens' days in the camp were over. They found the mansion outside the misty forest. The Olisens asked the mansion owner's assistant, Flora Sandra for signing in. They were sent to room 54 on the top floor. They were very tired. When they were on the top floor in their room, they slumped onto a big, comfy bed and was asleep before they knew it.

        The next morning, the Olisens woke up to find the door locked and all the windows boarded up. They were trapped. They tried every trick they could use. But it was no use. There was no escape.

Chapter 5 The secret passage

        After an afternoon being trapped in the fifty-fourth room, Mary finally collapsed onto the floor. The Olisens were very hungry, especially Charlie. But James was still filled with energy. He kept knocking on the stones, turning dry paint into dust.

        Finally, he knocked on a loose stone just above Mary. The stone rolled back into place and Prophentus, the karate god's shape appeared. The Prophentus-shaped stone turned, rolling outward, revealing a passage with a marble floor, a gold ceiling with charming chandeliers and two diamond walls with paintings of Prophentus and his family. They pushed several more stones, and by sunset, they were in the top floor's corridor.

        They were free.

Chapter 6 The threatening warning and the billionaire

        After they fixed the stone wall, there was a rumble in the elevator hall. The Olisens went to see what's wrong.

        When they got there, they gasped. A message stood before their eyes. It said: LEAVE NOW OR YOU WILL ALL FACE YOUR DOOM!

        The Olisens were stunned. Who would be so cruel to leave a message like that?

        They didn't think about it long. They were tired and hungry so they needed a good night sleep and a supper feast. They went down three sets of stairs and into the upper floors' dining room.

        The dining room was incredible! There were three small chocolate fountains for marshmallow toppings, a huge plate filled with fake mini meatball-men made with beef-balls, chicken fillets on a plate piled up to make a shape of a pyramid and a statue made of mashed potato that showed Prophentus's brother, Nicretrus, sitting on a throne on top of a very long table.

        The supper bell rang and huge groups of people tumbled in eagerly. In the last group, there was a man with a gold suit with twelve eggs in his right pocket. He also got a pinstriped shirt. The shirt was sticking out of a rucksack with silver spots. That man was clearly a billionaire. The eggs had stripes with Starboot symbols on them.

        “Maybe he was one of the thieves!” Charlie suggested, gritting his teeth so the billionaire couldn't hear him.

        The billionaire sat down on a chair and started reading a magazine called HOW TO CONTROL YOUR KIDS OR APPRENTICES.

        The Olisens quickly finished their supper and ran back into their room.

Chapter 7 The runaway limousine's driver

        The next day, the Olisens brought a phone and called a free limo-taxi company. The limo-taxi arrived in no time. They hopped into the modern homelike vehicle and ordered the driver to go to Chinazzuia Godzzamai Plaza.

        Chinazzuia Godzzamai Plaza was a huge eighteen-storey mall. It had ten toy shops, three mini markets, nine restaurants, seven arcades, two blacksmith's shops, five Chinese antique shops, four art galleries, six mini activity schools, eight ‘Take Your Picture with Nicretrus’ fun houses and twenty-five mini banks.

        The Olisens went into a restaurant, sat down, and ordered a ‘Get Your Own Meal’ set and eagerly ate their lunch. The food was deeeeeeeelicious! They ordered different food and ate until their bellies were filled.

        They also went into an arcade and a mini market and bought some groceries for the next few days in the mansion.

        After they hopped on a limo-taxi, a black limo with flame paintings on its doors zoomed past. The driver of that limo was wearing a hat with eggs on it. The eggs on the hat were the same type the billionaire had. The Olisens ordered the limo-taxi driver to follow the black limo. Its destination was really strange. The black limo's driver parked speedily in the camp's parking lot and went into the camp.

        A few minutes later, an alarm rang and the Olisens assumed it was another robbery.

        Just then, the black limo's driver came back out of the camp and the Olisens were too busy to notice.

Chapter 8 The Easter Bunny's curse, the tour on Mount Voltania and Prophentus's fake brother (Part I)

        It was almost sunset. The beautiful streaks of scarlet light reflected across the skyline. The Olisens watched the sun go down behind the mountains until it was completely out of sight.


    The Olisens had already planned for the next day. They were going on a trip to the Castlegod Resort on Mount Voltania. Mount Voltania was where the Chinese gods and goddesses lived.

        Their point of going to Mount Voltania was because they wanted to visit Nicretrus, Envonius (En-von-ni-us), Lebirla (Luh-bir-la), Creteyia (Crete-a-yi-a) and Melineus (Muh-lin-ni-us)… They were Prophentus's relatives.

        They decided to go to the main library to read books first. They went into the library and picked the books they liked. Mary pulled out a book called THE EASTER BUNNY'S CURSE. She flipped open the book and read out loud.

        “The Easter Bunny was a bunny that only appeared at Easter. The bunny loved eggs and always stole eggs from others. The Easter Bunny's robberies soon became a curse. The curse flowed everywhere until even planet Xtreme had robberies. The people had always feared the curse. Nicretrus agreed to forbid everyone from using the curse. He called his brother Prophentus to lock the bunny in the Universal Jail. The bunny escaped and was still robbing places to this day. Even when it was dead, its spirit still robbed places using other people's souls,” she read aloud so the others could hear.

        “Do you think it's talking about the rabbit shadow we saw?” Charlie asked.

        “Maybe it was,” James replied, examining the book. He found rabbit claw-prints at the back of the book.

Chapter 8 The Easter Bunny's curse, the tour on Mount Voltania and Prophentus's fake brother (Part II)

        The next day at midmorning, the Olisens called a limo-taxi.

        When the limo-taxi arrived, the Olisens hopped in and ordered the driver to go to Titrainia Subway.

        After they arrived, they thanked the driver and hurried out and went into the station. They gave five bucks for their tickets and went onto platform number 6.

        They arrived just in time to see the train doors closing. They barely got in before the train doors closed completely. They chose the sixty-fifth chair in the ninth train car.

        It was noon when they arrived at Castlegod Resort and they were hungry. There were neither restaurants nor fast-food stores nearby, but the Olisens were sure Prophentus would give them plenty of food.

        After the Olisens finished climbing Mount Voltania, they sat down on a boulder and rested until they were fully charged.

        They climbed two sets of stairs until they saw an eighty storey, old-fashioned palace. The gates and the drawbridge were both closed.

        James found an intercom on an emerald wall and pressed a button on it. The intercom buzzed and a voice came.

        “This is Prophentus. Who are you?” Prophentus asked in a threatening tone.

        “We come in peace, my lord,” Mary answered, shivering nervously at the tone in Prophentus's voice. This was the first time in Mary's life to be nervous!

        Suddenly, there was a crack coming from inside the resort. The gate flung open and the drawbridge dropped down. The Olisens went in and was surprised by what they saw.

        There were marble chandeliers with hanging candles, statues of Sir Brian and Sir Jimmy, huge windows that looked out into the view of the VR world and a glowing stone roof.

        “Let me show you around!” Prophentus offered and raised his hand. “It's not a problem.” He led the Olisens into a long corridor. “This is the hallway leading to the staircase room,” Prophentus said.

        Then, he led the Olisens into a room with two staircases. “This is the staircase room. It is for going downstairs or to the upper floor,” the karate master explained in a quiet tone and led the Olisens up a spiral staircase.

        The second floor had more rooms than the first floor. In fact, it was enormous! There was a ballroom, twenty bedrooms, a lounge, a conservatory, a high security vault, a restroom, Prophentus's throne room and a staircase room.

        The third floor was a little smaller than the second floor but much bigger than the first floor. It had fifteen bedrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, a forging room, a small toilet, a study, Mistreatreus (Mis-tree-tree-us), the goddess of life's throne room and a mini staircase room.

        Besimytheus (Bes-im-myth-yi-us), the goddess of business's office was on the fourth floor. The fourth floor also had a security office, a mini indoor greenhouse, a sculpting room, a statue room, eight bedrooms, two bathrooms, Gessderrius (Guess-der-yi-us), the goddess of jewels's throne room and two big staircase rooms. One going upstairs or downstairs and the other one leading to a watchtower.

        The fifth floor had a feast room, a pet room, a pretend-summer room, a teeny pretend-winter room, a mini pretend-spring room, a pretend-autumn room, a trophy room, a crafting room, a storage, a hotel room, a guest room, two small bedrooms, a tiny washroom, Naturineous (Nature-ine-yi-us), the nature god's throne room and three mini staircase rooms. The first one leading to a prison, the second one going deep down into the mines of depth and the third going upstairs or downstairs.

        The sixth floor had a mini gym, a potion room, a chemistry room, an experiment room, a small clinic, a ‘Making You Immortal’ room, a tiny bakery, an ‘All Sorts of Things’ store, a gravestone room, a death punishment room, an agility test room, Stonedeathudius (Sto-n-death-thund-yi-us), the god of strength's throne room and two staircase rooms. One leading to a treasure room and the other one going to the upper floor or downstairs, as usual.

        The seventh floor had a snack bar, a vault filled with traps, a technology inventing room, eight hotel rooms, a restroom, a small market for immortals, a giant library, Viennausheus (Vi-en-awe-she-us), the goddess of rainforests's throne room and a staircase room. Don't ask me where the staircases go.

        The eighth floor had a security office, a computer room, an arcade, a beast zoo, Rezcenchroxre (Rez-en-ch-rox-trey) the air god's throne room and a staircase room.

        The ninth floor had a big bathroom, four bedrooms, a painting room, a hospital, a mortal jail, a mortal hospital, a mini firehouse, Venxiousethius (Ven-shus-sef-fi-us), the goddess of luxury's throne room and a staircase room.

        The tenth and the final floor of the tour had two elevators with both going up. It also had two bedrooms, a plane room with a giant automatic door, a mini school for children guests, a toy store that was smaller than usual, a tiny book store, a mini electronic store, Antaushalius (Ant-a-laush-she-us), the genderless god (or goddess) of communication's announcement room (the announcement room was actually where Antaushalius spent his time all day), Nicretrus (Nick-ret-trus), the god of books, nicknamed the thunder warrior, leader of the Chinese gods' throne room and a staircase room.

Chapter 8 The Easter Bunny's curse, the tour on Mount Voltania and Prophentus's fake brother (Part III)

        After the tour of the first ten floors was finished, Prophentus led the Olisens into Nicretrus's throne room and commanded the Olisens to bow down in front of the leader of the Chinese gods. They felt embarrassed bowing down in front of a VR god they never talked to. Linxcescious (Lin-x-ey-she-us), Nicretrus's lynx kept growling at his master like he was an intruder. Linxcescious never growled like that to Nicretrus. When James heard the lynx's growl, he knew immediately what was happening.

        “My lord! This is not the real Nicretrus! Run!” he cried to Prophentus and his siblings.

        “So you figured finally,” the fake Nicretrus said and removed a mask on its head. The evil Easter spirit's head appeared in front of them. They ran.

        They ran until the resort was out of sight and hurried into Titrania Subway.

        When the Olisens arrived at their destination, they dashed out of the station and rushed into a nearby limo-taxi and ordered the driver to drive them to the mansion quickly.

        After they arrived, they thanked the driver and scurried out. They went into the mansion, jumped into a lift, got out of the lift, hurried into their room and slammed the door.

        After the incident of the Easter Bunny, the Olisens didn't go out of their room until it was dinnertime. They went into the dining room and ate their dinner hungrily.

Chapter 9 Filthy, stinky, clumsy, king of stupidity (Part I)

        The Olisens were eating their breakfast. They decided to go to the Mythcraft antique store. The Mythcraft antique store was an anti-theft antique store. All the old objects in myths were in the store. There were objects in Greek mythology, objects in Scandinavian mythology, objects in Norse mythology and objects in Chinese mythology.

        The Olisens waited until 10 a.m. and called a limo taxi.

        When the limo-taxi arrived, the Olisens climbed in and ordered the driver to go to the Mythcraft antique store. The antique store was two storey high. It was enormous! The Olisens couldn't wait to get in. They thanked the driver, and went into the store. 

        The store was much more beautiful than the Olisens expected. Hanging on the first wall was Zeus's thunder staff, and next to the staff was Poseidon's trident. Hades's Helmet of Darkness and his bident were above them all. It had one of Hera's golden apples and the firewood Prometheus stole from Hestia on the wall too.

        The second wall had the box Pandora opened, a sculpture of Heracles's lion cloak, one of Eros's love arrows, the sharp, wooden stick that Odysseus used to trick Polyphemus, the Cyclops with, a model of the wooden horse, a sculpture of Hermes's sandals, a copy of Athena's helmet, one of Artemis's arrows, the model of Apollo's sun chariot and one of Selene's moon boomerangs.

        The third wall had a sculpture of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, and the axe, Stormbreaker. The wall also had a model of Loki's sceptre, a sculpture of Frey's sword, Sumarbrander, a copy of Odin's spear, Gungnir and Heimdall's trumpet, Gjallarhorn.

        The fourth wall had the weapons of the Chinese gods. There was a model of Mythvineyes (My-th-vine-yi-s), the god of intelligence's spear, a sculpture of Braingesookei's (Brain-ges-sook-aye) shotgun, a copy of Warscoreus (War-score-re-us), the god of combat's scythe, Sythuubeus (Sith-you-be-us), a model of Combianious (Com-bian-yi-us), the goddess of combat's blade, one of Youthabeus (Youth-ai-be-us), the goddess of youth's toy-controlling rifles, a copy of Catelineous (Cat-uh-leen-i-us), the goddess of feline's whip, a model of Wildaoshius (Wild-ow-she-us), the god of the wildcats's magical sceptre, a model of Vudincius (Vu-din-see-us), the god of power's orb of darkness, a sculpture of Vransionus (Vr-an-sh-on-us), the goddess of comfort's unbreakable, bouncy shield and her iron-diamond scythe and the sculptures of Sirescareus (Sigh-uh-scar-re-us), the scorpion-tile god's (as in reptile) poisonous death laser and his length-adjustable scorpion tail.

        The Olisens went upstairs. The second floor was even more fascinating than the first floor!

        On the first wall was a sculpture of Dionysus's staff, Thrysus, a model of Perseus's sword, Harpe, a sculpture of Philoctetes's bow, one of his poisonous arrows and Hermes's helmet.

        The second wall had Achilles's javelin hanging below the clock, a small model of Atlantia and Melanion holding hands together, a sculpture of the Helen of Troy weaving, a small clay-made Agamemnon swinging a sword, a mini statue of Heracles holding up a giant boulder and a stack of books on an iron bookshelf.

        On the third and fourth wall was a model of Brychele (Br-y-ch-eel-lee), the god of weather's cloud of weathers, a sculpture of Bruscaneus (Bru-sss-ane-ny-us), the goddess of suffer's crystal magnetic countdown-bomb, a copy of Insanausine (Insane-nor-sign), the brother of the goddess of the past, also known as the god of the future's small sculpture and the blueprint of doom, a model of Doomsday (Doom-s-day), the goddess of evil and destruction's wrecking ball, a sculpture of Astronius (As-t-r-on-i-us), the protector of the galaxy, also known as the god of the universe's magical staff, Asteroid No.199, Nicretrus's mind-controlling dagger-staff (part dagger, part staff) and two models of Prophentus's karate claw-gloves.

Chapter 9 Filthy, stinky, clumsy, king of stupidity (Part II)

        The Olisens were here just because they wanted to buy some antiques, so they never expected to meet a man who would make them add another suspect to their suspect list.

        After the Olisens paid, they put the antiques in a bag and prepared to go out. Suddenly a grunt came from counter No. 12 and signalled the Olisens to go closer to him. When the Olisens were beside the man, they knew he came from the dumpster. His shirt was dirty and his trousers smelt.

        “Ask me a simple question about English,” the man said.

        “What for?” James asked.

        “No reason,” the look-like-he-came-from-a-dumpster man replied.

        “Fine. What goes after O and before Q?” James asked solemnly.

        “Y, of course,” the man answered. The Olisens figured the man wasn't only filthy and stinky, but was also stupid. Which one do you want me to write down? Stupid or dumb? I, the author Nick Flames do not care about such nonsense.

        “You're wrong,” James said.

        “Thanks!” the man said.

        James gritted his teeth. “That is not a compliment!” he spat.

        “Oh, yeah? Are you meaning that I'm not clever?” the man shot back.

        “Technically, yes, Mr. Dumpster-stink!” James roared.

        “He is even more easily angered than the thief chief,” the man grumbled to himself, and clamped his hand on his mouth. “I shouldn't have said that!” he cried.

        “Did he just say something about a thief chief?” Sally whispered to the others.

        “Something isn't right,” Mary whispered back.

        At the door Mr. Dumpster-stink fell over. James smirked and said “Having trouble over there, clumsy idiot?” James shouted.

        “None of your business, Mr. Sweaty-shirt!” the man growled. James gritted his teeth. The truth is, his shirt really was filled with sweat.

        James sneered at the idiot but his sneer became a flinch. He looked behind him and realised he was staring into the cold, violet eyes of the thief chief. It turned out that the thief chief was the Easter Bunny. The violent thief was holding a sharp blade in his palm. Mary instantly knew James was injured by the gods' worse nightmare.

        Charlie grabbed James and his sisters, ran towards a nearby limo-taxi, and ordered the driver to go to the nearest pharmacy.

Chapter 10 Helma and the book of the dead secretary (Part I)

        James kept groaning on the trip to the nearest pharmacy.

        “Are we there yet?” Charlie asked impatiently.

        “Sorry kids. There are neither pharmacies, surgeries nor clinics in town. The nearest pharmacy is outside town,” the driver said glumly. “But we're almost there!”

        When they arrived, Charlie hopped off the comfortable taxi and darted into the pharmacy. The youngest Olisen was back in a flash holding a bag of healing tools.

        There were bandages and plaster casts inside the bag.

        Mary ordered the driver to go to the mansion and shortly realised the driver of the limo-taxi was the driver of the runaway limo they saw after they shopped in Chinazzuia Godzzamai Plaza. When they arrived, Mary quickly ran into the main hall with Charlie and Sally dragging James alongside her.

        When they reached the elevators, the Olisens dashed into the elevator going to the upper part of the mansion.

        After they reached the top floor, they sprinted into the corridor, went inside the fifty-fourth room, and placed James on the bed.

        Charlie used a wet tissue to clean James's wound while Mary wrapped a plaster cast around his injury.

        James slowly regained his consciousness and tried to walk. He managed to walk a few steps before he collapsed unconsciously onto a chair.

        It was a few weeks after the incident, and James's wound was now a scratch. Or should I say scar? Nah, I don't care.

        James stared out the window, and his jaw dropped and his cheeks turned pink. He slipped his cloak onto his body, pulled the hood of the cloak over his head, and opened the window.

        “What's your name, pretty girl?” he asked.

        “I'm Helma Toby Annabelle, daughter of the Helen of Troy, and I'm thirteen,” the girl said.

        “You're the Helen of Troy's daughter?” James asked in bewilderment.

        “Yes,” Helma replied.

        “I'm James Damion Olisen, great-grandson of the actor Rïãnoe Damion Olisen, and I'm fifteen years old. Probably too old to date,” James said miserably.

        “I like your scarlet eyes, your golden hair, your thick eyebrows and absolutely everything else about you! I can date you...” Helma offered.

        “Really?! Oh, I mean... that's great!” James exclaimed.

        “…unless you betray me,” Helma finished.

        “I'll not,” James promised solemnly.

        Suddenly, they heard shriek coming from the middle floors' dining room. It was Sally's high pitch voice.

        James slowly ran into the diner and found Mary, Charlie and Sally shivering fearfully under the mid-floors' dining table.

Chapter 10 Helma and the book of the dead secretary (Part II)

        “What happened?” a voice behind James asked. James turned around and saw Helma standing in the doorway, holding a bag of strange-looking books.

        “The Easter Bunny stole our lunch money! And who is that, James?” Charlie asked.

        “This is Helma Toby Annabelle,” James said.

        “Daughter of the Helen of Troy,” Helma added.

        “So cool! I'm Charlie Damion Olisen and I'm seven years old. This is my nine-year-old sister Sally,” Charlie introduced, and shook hands with Helma.

        “Are you a citizen?” Mary asked from under the table.

        “Actually, no. I was sucked in by a portal and has been trapped here for ten years,” Helma answered.

        James was browsing through each book that Helma brought. When he started reading THE BOOK OF THE DEAD SECRETARY, his jaw dropped even lower than the last time. “To defeat a criminal, use the Multitrap Xtreme,” James read aloud.

Chapter 11 Falling into a cave and into a pile of pebbles

        “What is the Multitrap Xtreme?” Sally asked.

        “I'm on it! Chapter 34: About the Multitrap Xtreme,” James exclaimed. “The Multitrap Xtreme is a trap to capture any criminal. It is a powerful source, but also an attractive one. It attracts monsters within 10 miles. This is how you use the trap: put the trap on the floor and make the criminal come towards you. Once he steps on the trap, press the blue button on the trapper remote. A cage will emerge from the trap and the criminal will be trapped inside. There will be a portal appearing above the criminal. It will suck the criminal into the Universal Jail. Buy in American Caver's store.”

        James glanced at his siblings and grinned.

        “What?” Sally asked.

        James glared at her sister. Sometimes Sally could be a birdbrain.

        “Oh! Capturing the rabbit with the Multitrap Xtreme!” Sally said.

        The Olisens and Helma were in front of a cave with torches on its bumpy wall in no time.

        Helma was so concentrated on exploring the cave that she accidentally bumped into James and sent him tumbling backwards into the cave.

        “Sorry!” Helma confessed.

        “No problem!” James murmured from under a huge pile of pebbles. He poked his head out of the pile of pebbles.

        “I'm okay!” he shouted, and went down a set of stairs he didn't notice before. He asked the others to follow him.

        When they reached the bottom of the staircase, they instantly saw a flag on the left of a silver-made store that was written in ancient runes. Fortunately, James recognised the words. It said: only one more Multitrap Xtreme in stock!

        The Olisens saw Mr. Dumpster-stink running toward the store. “Got…to…get…the last…Multi…trap…X…treme,” he said, wheezing. When he saw the Olisens running towards the store, he ran even faster.

        James could walk, but he was still unable to run that fast. So it was Charlie who went in and came back out with a heavy wooden box and a complicated instruction book.

        Charlie tripped and bumped onto a smooth, brick wall. A brick came loose and a handle popped out. Charlie grabbed his siblings and Helma, opened the door, went inside and closed the door. It was an amazing sight.

Chapter 12 The house in the cave

        In front of them was a 3-storey house with gleaming, diamond walls and a glass roof. The Olisens and Helma opened the door, and went inside. It was amazingly luxurious!

        “The owner of this house must have lived in luxury for years!” Helma exclaimed, examining a shiny vase on a small cabinet. The house was historic, but still very neat and beautiful.

        The first floor had a living room with a coffee table, a sofa-bed, a TV hanging on the wall, four chairs and a ping-pong set completed with ten balls and a ping-pong table. It also had a kitchen-diner with a large table and some cooking stuff. You know… refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, pots, pans, stoves, teapots, teacups, toasters, dishwashers, bins… those things.

        The second floor had three bedrooms, a bathroom, a study, a mini library and a collectors' room.

        The third floor only had a loft and a conservatory, and the loft was pretty big. It had a large bed and a monitor on the wall and the conservatory had a large couch and a glass statue.

        “Hey, look at this!” Charlie shouted. He was holding a handcuff and some chains. “If the Multitrap Xtreme can't defeat the Easter Bunny, we can put the handcuff on the rabbit's hand and tie the chains around his feet!”

        “That would help!” Mary shouted back.

        When everybody finished exploring the house, they went back the way they came and went out of the cave. The clumsy man was already gone.

        “Now we just have to lure the Easter Bunny to the trap,” Sally said.

Chapter 13 The stupid rabbit

        The Olisens and Helma were back in the lobby of the mansion renting another room for Helma.

        “Your room is the fifty-fifth room on the top floor, miss,” Flora said.

        “Thanks, Flora!” James cried.

        “No problem!” Flora shouted back.

        When the Olisens and Helma reached the fifty-fifth room on the top floor, the Olisens helped Helma unpack her things.

        “Helma, this is a question I wanted to ask you for a long time. Where did you live before you met me?” James asked.

        “I…I…I…” Helma stammered.

        “Where did you live before you met me?” James repeated.

        “I'm Billy Johnson's niece and Prophentus and Helen's daughter. Did I ever tell you about my dad's story?” she said. James shook his head.

        “My dad once was a karate teacher in the real world. He was very good at karate. One day, when he was playing a game called DESTROYER MX2001, a portal appeared and sucked him in. He never got back out. He got better at karate every day and impressed the main gods, Ragnoseus and Buddha. They made him a god. My uncles and aunties came here and became gods the same way,” Helma said.

        “Nicretrus is your uncle? Cool!” Charlie said. He started bouncing around.

        “Stop, Charlie,” Mary shouted.

        “Awwwww,” Charlie said depressingly.

        “Now here's the plan. We go to the town square and announce there is an egg hunt on the top floor of the mansion. The rabbit will absolutely come to steal the eggs. We put a chocolate egg under our bed and leave it there. Then we put the Multitrap Xtreme on the floor and do what the instruction book told us to do. That it would be the present for the Easter Bunny,” James said. “I'm saying it is a present for the bunny cause the Easter Bunny is listening!” He whispered.

        “Good plan!” Helma praised dreamily.

        “Thanks, Helmy,” James said.

        “Why are you calling her ‘Helmy’?” Charlie asked.

        “Because she is my ‘may be’ future wife,” James said, embarrassed. Charlie and Sally started to chuckle. Then their chuckles became giggles and at last their giggles became laughs.

        “Charlie, Sally, stop being so impolite to your brother!” Mary scolded.

        “It's okay, Mary,” James murmured.

        “I'm going out to announce that there is an egg hunt in this room,” Helma offered.

        “Okay. Thank you Helmy,” Charlie joked.

        “Charlie!!!” James shouted angrily. Charlie shrank back nervously.

        “Sorry, Hel…” he said, turning around. But when he turned around, he only saw a note on the floor. This was what it said:

Dear Mr. Sweaty-shirt,

        No need to announce it in the town square. Give the eggs to me. I am right outside your room.

Sincerely, the Easter Bunny

        “Come in and get them if you want them!” Mary shouted.

        A moment later, the bunny stepped in with Helma struggling to escape from its strong arms.

        “Where are the eggs?” the bunny demanded.

        “Sit down and have some tea first, clumsy idiot,” James said.

        The bunny gasped. “How did you know?” the bunny said.

        “You probably should've written dear James, cause Mr. Sweaty-shirt gave you up,” James explained.

        “The man at the counter was an illusion, wasn't he?” Mary asked. “And you smell good today.”

        “Yeah, that's an illusion. And the good smell part was because I took a bath,” the dumpster man said. “I just wanted to be invited to egg hunts. I love eating chocolate eggs,”

        “Well, if you've learned your lesson, I'll set the time for you in the Universal Jail to 2 months,” James offered.

        “No, I deserve to be in jail for a year,” he said when he saw the time on the trap.

        “We'll visit you,” Charlie promised.

        “Thanks. By the way, my first name is David and I'm the half son of Nicretrus and Lebirla. Oh! And my last name is Quinn,” the man said.

        “Now, step on this trap,” James said.

        David stepped onto the trap and in a moment, a cell emerged from the trap, and in two centiseconds later, he was gone.

        “Mystery solved!” Sally cheered.

        Suddenly, a bright light appeared in front of the Olisens and Helma.

Chapter 14 Back home to Frosterburg

        When the bright light became a faint glow, the Olisens and Helma saw the portal floating in front of them.

        “Yes! We finally get to go home!” Charlie shouted.

        “I'll call Dad,” Helma said, and pressed 9232 8835 on her phone.

        “Hi Dad, I'm with the Olisens. Yeah. Do you wanna come home with us Dad? Oh, alright. Bye,” Helma said, and declined.

        “What did he tell you?” Mary asked.

        “He said he is happy here and is not ready to go yet. He told me to live with my stepmother,” Helma replied.

        “Quick, or the portal will vanish!” Charlie cried.

        The Olisens and Helma held hands and touched the portal.

        They went into different whirlpools and separated ways.

        The Olisens landed in James's room. They looked at the clock. Still 00:00 on the fourteenth day in February.

        “Time will not pass if you go to the VR world?” Sally asked in astonishment, and collapsed onto James's bed, asleep.

        The other Olisens carried Sally onto her bed and suddenly heard Sally's phone ring.

        “Hello?” Mary said.

        “Helma here,” came Helma's voice.

        “Oh my goodness! Helma, where are you?” Mary asked.

        “I'm in my stepmom's house. And I'm okay,” Helma replied.

        “Alright then. Bye!” Mary said, and hung up. She climbed onto his bed and instantly fell asleep.

        “Midnight snacks, Olisens!” grandfather Olisen announced. No answer. When he reached the corridor of the second floor, he could already hear the four youngest Olisens' snores.

~ The End ~