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Series: The Series of the Olisen Mysteries

Book No.3 of the series

Chapter 1 A trip to Europe (Part I)

Chapter  1 A trip to Europe (Part II)

Chapter 2 When legends become true

Chapter 3 Worthy of Mjölnir

Chapter 4 Missing Mjölnir

Chapter 5 Going to Hell

Chapter 6 The Angrisympia bee virus

Chapter 7 The prophecy from the dead

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part I)

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part II)

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part III)

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part IV)

Chapter 9 The 'miragestorm'

Chapter 10 James is healed!

Chapter 11 The catch in the tavern (Loki)

Chapter 12 Mjolnir is back!

Coming Up: The Immortal Wars

Chapter 1 A trip to Europe (Part I)

        It was midmorning, and the Olisens were watching TV with their three BFFs, John, Georgia and Jack Avertrine Razor. Suddenly, Grandpa Edward Damion Olisen came bursting in with good news.

        “We're going to Scandinavia!” he announced, “and I only have five tickets. Which four of you will go?”

        John shrugged. “We're happy here. Why do we want to go on an eighteen-hour trip?” he said.

        “Because Asgard is in Scandinavia?” Grandpa joked.

        Jack's ears pricked up when he heard the word 'Asgard'. “I wanna see Thor! He's the best!” he exclaimed.

        “I'm just kidding,” Grandpa said, picking up a cup of coffee.

        “Thor is a legendary god that lived in Asgard. Odin and Frigga were his parents, while Loki was his sibling. Hel was his niece and Ullr and Torunn were his descendants. He had a hammer as a weapon. It was called Mjölnir. Thor loved that hammer and never went into any battle without it,” Charlie explained quickly. Grandpa's grip on the cup became softer, causing it to drop and spilling the coffee.

        “Where did you get all the information, Charlie?” he asked, clearly impressed.

        “Books, books, books, and more books,” Charlie replied brazenly, throwing a piece of gum into his mouth. He started to make a bubble.

        “Thor was married to Lady Sif and had an axe called Stormbreaker. He often comes here on the rainbow, Bifrost. He had a murderous companion called Baldur,” John said and smirked at Charlie, “got that?”

        Now it was Charlie's turn to be surprised. “Where did you get all that?!” he asked.

        “Movies, movies, cartoons, more movies, and more cartoons!” John answered mockingly, and threw a banana peel onto a dusty book. James looked at the title and saw the words 'THE LEGEND OF THE DINOSAUR OCEAN'. It was Charlie's favourite book.

        “Hey!” Charlie shouted, and threw an apple at John. The apple hit his face, bounced off, crashed onto the ground, rolled towards the couch, and disappeared under it.

        “Ow!” John moaned.

        “That's my electrical apple!” Georgia cried, and threw a pie at Charlie. Charlie ducked, and the pie hit James. James charged at John and pinned him to the ground.

        “Do. Not. Mess. With. Charlie. Understand?!!!” he shouted angrily, and threw John onto the couch.

        “Wha? I didn't know you were that strong!” Mary exclaimed surprisedly.

        “Me neither!” James exclaimed. “Sorry, John. I lost control of my anger.”

        “No probs. And make another apple for Georgia” John huffed. He pressed the 'on' button on the TV remote and the TV went on. He went to channel 32 (Racers of Doom) and drifted off into Daydreamland (where he imagined things of the unimaginable).

Chapter 1 A trip to Europe (Part II)

        The next day, the Olisens found themselves boarding an airplane called North Europe Airlines. They looked at their tickets and gasped. James's seat row was number 33, Mary's number 24, Sally's number 4 and Charlie's number 16 (with grandpa).

        “We can't be separated!” Sally said in horror.

        “Looks like we have to,” James said, shrugged, and pulled four walkie-talkies out of his backpack. “We can communicate with these, so it should be no probs!” he added cheerfully.

        The Olisens went to their seats and conversed for a long, long time.

        When the Olisens stopped talking, they still had 2 hours until they arrived at the Scandinavia royal tower.

        They ate breakfast and spent the rest of the time on the airplane reading and playing games on their phones.

        When the airplane arrived at the Scandinavia royal tower, it slowly parked on the top of the building. The pilot opened the doors of the plane so that everyone could exit.

        When the Olisens were in the tower, they immediately saw something bizarre. A figure crept down the stairs and the Olisens followed it. When they reached the bottom of the tower, they only saw a trapdoor closing. The Olisens managed to get in before it closed completely. They realised they weren't on the floor. They were in the air and the next thing they knew; they're plunging towards the floor at an incredible speed.

Chapter 2 When legends become true

        The Olisens woke up to find themselves in a cell with stone walls and no windows. They were chained to a wall. There was a door with a thousand keyholes on it.

        “I guess we blacked out,” Mary said.

        Hearing a voice outside the cell, the children immediately stopped talking.

        “The trespassers, Sorkhame!” a voice demanded exasperatedly.

        “They're in cell number three, your majesty,” another voice said.

        The next thing the Olisens knew, a man holding a hammer came in with a muscular bloke.

        The Olisens gasped. “Wow! It's Thor! And…Prophentus the God of Karate?!” Charlie exclaimed.

        “Olisens! Good to see you again!” Prophentus cheerfully greeted the children, “Dude! These children are the Olisens. The ones I told you about!”

        “I hope none of them are from the Dead which I've hated since the War of Ragnarok,” Thor said suspiciously.

        “We're living Denverites, thunder-hammer,” Charlie answered, using Thor's nickname.

        “But Thor is a myth!” Sally exclaimed surprisedly.

        “When legends become true, there will be consequences!” Mary agreed, nodding her head.

        “Anyway, free those children first,” Prophentus said to Thor. Thor went away, and instantly got back with a ring of keys.

        “If you want to get out, solve this keyring riddle first,” he said.

        “We can't solve the riddle if our hands were chained to the wall,” Mary said grimly.

        “Then I will unchain you. But this ain't no challenge for nothing! You'll have to open the door to get out,” Thor said, released the Olisens, went out of the room, closed the door, and locked it.

        “Now what?” James asked miserably, “the unlock-the-door riddle is more complex than the keyring one.”

        “Riddle solved,” Charlie said. James turned. Charlie had already unlocked the door and there was barely even a scratch on it.

        “How did you do it?” asked Sally, awestruck.

        “I used logic and physics! Seriously Sally, do you even pay attention to physics and logic class?” Charlie said, and rolled his eyes.

        “I don't like The Official School Of Gifted Youngsters (a.k.a. T.O.S.O.G.Y). The teachers are so boring!” Sally grumbled.

        “What about Mr. Phyms? And Mrs. Mytroot? And Miss Dyvmon? And Mr. Monalaque? Surely you like Ms. Byawclague!” Charlie asked, trying to find a teacher that Sally liked.

        “No, no, nope, not him, especially not her!” Sally replied stubbornly, and continued, “Mr. Chynya is boring, Mrs. Doraque too talkative, Ms. Allyngtyn too ghastly and Mr. McMonya too carnivorous. I only like Miss Beawmate!” Sally continued.

        “What's so special about Miss Mal Beawmate Boringmate?” Charlie asked, “She's only a fashion design teacher!”

        “Hey! You two! Can't you stop bickering about the school teachers' nonsense?” Mary asked. “We got an Asgard to explore!”

Chapter 3 Worthy of Mjölnir

        The Olisens first visited the throne room. The throne room was a big room with four thrones and a table.

        They then visited the weapon room. Loki's sceptre, the Tesseract, was on the ceiling, while Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, was on the wall. Charlie tried to lift Thor's hammer, but couldn't lift it. The following two Olisens tried and tried, but neither Sally nor Mary could lift it up.

        Finally, it was James's turn. He placed his hands on the handle and pulled, expecting it to stay in place. But he was wrong. James successfully lifted the heavy hammer up.

        “I'm worthy?!” he cried, blinded with excitement.

        “Seems like it,” Sally said happily.

        Charlie was too, happy for his brother. He jumped up and gave James a hug.

        “I knew you would escape my cell, but I never expected you to lift my hammer!” a voice said scornfully from behind the Olisens.

        The Olisens twirled around, astonished. It was Thor.

        An old gent pushed Thor away and faced the Olisens. The four youngsters raised their fists, preparing for the worst.

        “No one dares to mess with me!” the old man said, and hoisted his spear. There were seven golden letters on the spear. GUNGNIR.

        “You're Odin?” Mary asked, flabbergasted.

        “That's me! The great and powerful king of Asgard!” Odin said haughtily. He whirled Gungnir in midair, preparing to charge at the youths. James picked up Mjolnir, grabbed his siblings, twisted the hammer, and a moment later, he found himself steering the hammer in the air.

        The Olisens landed on the watchtower floor. The watchtower had the view of all the places in Asgard. They even saw the Odinson Forest!

        The Olisens heard footsteps from behind them and spun around.

        “Get them!” a familiar voice commanded. Soldiers stepped out of the shadow in pairs. They surrounded the Olisens.

        Finally, Odin stomped arrogantly onto the giant balcony. “Where is my son's beloved hammer?” he demanded impatiently. The soldiers prepared to shoot their bullets.

        “Hold your fire, Asgard Patrol!” Odin ordered bossily. The soldiers removed their hands from their shotguns' trigger, but still, pointed their guns at the Olisens.

        “But the myth said whoever lifts it up except for Thor becomes the king of Asgard AND becomes the owner of Mjolnir,” Charlie said.

        “Em…Uh…Well…” Odin stammered.

        “Regretting your actions, huh, author of the rule book of Asgard?” Mary taunted malevolently.

        “The great and powerful Odin never regrets his actions!” Odin shouted, the regret in his voice becoming anger. He started to chase the Olisens. The Olisens ran towards the door of the watchtower whilst shouting out at the citizens saying that there was a madman on the loose.

        James had an idea and stopped doubtfully. “You want the hammer? Here is your son's beloved weapon!” he said, and threw the hammer at Odin. The unbreakable weapon hit Odin's head, and he dropped to the ground.

        “We have the good news, and the bad news,” James said, “Who wants to hear the good news first?”

        Everyone chose the good news. “The good news is, Odin is unconscious,” James said, “and the bad news is, we've broken off a piece of Thor's beloved hammer. Oh! I'm sorry. One more bad news. Thor's hammer is missing!”

Chapter 4 Missing Mjölnir

        The Olisens searched and searched for Mjölnir, but only found the broken piece.

        “Maybe there are clues on the piece!” Sally sighed hopefully, exhaustion flowing in her voice. Charlie examined the piece and found deep nail-prints on it.

        “That leaves three suspects: Loki, Hel and Freyr,” Charlie muttered solemnly, pretending to be as groovy as Loki and Hel, “But it couldn't be Freyr because we saw him hanging about in the lounge.”

Chapter 5 Going to Hell

        The next day, the Olisens wandered in the foggy morning sky until they reached a door labeled 'Prophentus'. They knocked frantically on the hard, diamond door and the door creaked open a little. The Olisens rushed in and found Prophentus dressing up in his gym room. “We have to investigate,” Mary mumbled grimly. Prophentus shot the Olisens a perplexed look. Then he shrugged.

        “I saw everything. But it still remains a mystery. You'll have to sort it out yourselves. Go to the Asgard tour buses. The tourists are going to Hell,” Prophentus finally said lazily.

        “I'm here to pick ya all up!” a voice said celebritily behind the Olisens. The four siblings spun panickedly.

        “Don't worry,” Prophentus soothed, “that's Tyr!” He sat up and shook hands with the war god instantly.

        The Olisens ran outside and hurried onto a tour bus, found the guests' row of seats and sat next to a man with blonde hair. “Lucius Scorpricto! Good to see you here!” Sally exclaimed surprisedly, twitching anxiously. She didn't trust the blonde-haired man.

        Lucius jumped at the sound of Sally and muttered gleefully, “Triple J was caught?! I must have the Olisens hearing about this!” He pulled earplugs out of his ears and wrote: 'Triple J was caught in Chicago’ in a notebook. Then, he ripped the page off and gave it in secrecy and caution to James. Charlie noticed that there were words on the back of the page. Mary couldn’t remember dozing off, but when she woke up, her siblings were studying something on the back of the notebook page.

        “We are arriving in Hell!” the driver of the tour bus announced and immediately, the Bus plunged into darkness.

        A moment later, the bus rushed out of a tunnel and skidded to a stop in front of a large, holy, red temple. “The Fortress of Hel's,” Mary burbled amazedly, “Amazing.” She ran straight ahead and tripped, and became injured. She also made a small but deep hole on the soil floor. Inside the hole was a buried scroll and a piece of Nordic papyrus with large Nordic runes on it. It was a scripture of codes. The Olisens decided not to go into the temple but to hurry back onto the tour bus.

Chapter 6 The Angrisympia bee virus

        “What does it say?!” James thundered annoyedly, and started to destruct the scroll and the papyrus.

        “Calm down, Jamie,” Charlie murmured soothingly. Jamie was the nickname of the angry part of James Olisen.

        “I don't know the first few letters of the papyrus,” Mary declared.

        “Me too,” Charlie maffled unsurely.

        “I beg your pardon?” Sally waffled, stupefied.

        “Me too!” Charlie repeated impatiently, punching a glass teacup annoyedly. Glass debris flew up everywhere and one of them made a serious scratch on Mary's forearm.

        “Is everybody alright?” Sally flared, and glared at Charlie, who was guiltily trying to sneak away. Everyone said they were all right, except for James. “ya okay, James, too?”

        “Yes,” came James's reluctantly forlorn reply. He didn't notice the strange bee that had stung him when the glass cup broke.

        “Ya sure? 'Cause there was a bee stinging you just 17 secs ago,” Sally prompted, and glowered at Charlie dubiously.

        “I told you I'm FINE!” James snarled harshly, and stomped away. At the last second before James disappeared around the corner, his skin became mangy and the sting of the bee became swollen.

        The remaining Olisens started jogging towards Prophentus's chamber. “We have to take him to the doctor,” said Mary, as they passed a bee enclosure.

        A sign was stuck to the net of the fence. It said: These are the Antarctic bees called Angrisympian (Angry-sim-pian) bees. They are the cause of the symptomatic Angrisympia bee sting virus. The symptoms of the virus are 1) abrupt anger, 2) skin turning very pale, 3) teeth turning acid-green, 4) keeping forgetting or losing things, 5) mental powers of freezing, fire-making, poison shooting and at last, 6) unscientific and uncontrollable strength and speed. It is confirmed that the scientists are sure that there is 20% chance it would cause DEATH; 1 out of 5 that has it dies. The only opportunity to heal someone from this virus is to collect a dozen of Nordic Rainforest's almost-into-extinction crystals. You will have 9 hours before a symptom changes into the next.

        Sally saw the sign and said to her siblings, “Looks like we already found the way of healing James from the virus. But we need to be quick before James goes into the next symptom.”

Chapter 7 The prophecy from the dead👈

        It was another dull day in Asgard (a.k.a. Odinsland). Charlie, Sally and Mary were scrutinising the riddle on the notebook page that Lucius gave them, which said: 'Go to the soothsayer, deep underground, below the human races, below Hell's grounds'. It was the right day to go to Hell, because there was a scheduled trip to Hell on the Asgardian tours.

        When the three Olisens arrived in Hell, they immediately saw a statue of a vocalist. A piece of parchment was put onto the stone statue. It said: 'where the north is the south and the east is the west, a portal lies in your path, and also the soothsayer's nest'.

        Charlie knew the answer. “A mirror! I just happen to see a big one straight ahead,” he said, pointing his index finger at a reflection of himself. He ran up to the mirror followed by Sally and Mary. The mirror was half-transparent and half-reflecting. The three youngest Olisens dived into it. The youngsters instantly appeared again from a nauseous journey into a tent with a table and an old woman that was holding a mysterious-looking orb sitting behind it.

        “I am Dandellein, also known as Ammo-jewel, one of the Council of the Nordic Core's four last remaining seers,” the elderly lady introduced, “Hullo, Charlie, Sally, and Mary Olisen.”

        “How do you know our names?” asked Charlie curiously. The lady laughed and explained that she was a soothsayer and could see everything.

        “If you are one of a quadruplet of the remaining mythical seers, who are the other ones?” Sally asked bewilderedly.

        “Their names are Luna Savona Scalene, also called Moon-sight in the Council, Lucca Sabo Scorpricto, also nicknamed as Light-oracle and…one that I know you've met him. He is called Lucius Gandwarf Scorpricto, also named Solar-stealth.” the seer listed.

        Mary's eyes became lustrous. “Lucius is a soothsayer and he didn't even tell us?!” she cried astonishedly.

        “I told you we can't rely on that suspiciously secretive man!” shouted Sally frustratedly, stomping her feet. She seemed a bit envious.

        “I'm not saying I mistrust him,” Mary stated impatiently, “I'm just saying that…Lucius could be over-secretive and overprotective at the same time. He gave us the notebook page that had the first riddle on it, right?”

        “Yes. I think that's really the best plan to get you here. And may you stop thinking about riddance plans to get rid of Lucius?” Dandellein interrupted breezily, slicing through Sally's thoughts of getting rid of Lucius. Sally flushed and fiddled with her fingers sheepishly.

        “Anyway,” the old seer said, “you have a fate to end these adventures," Dandellein said peacefully, meditating as she conversed, “Here is the advice. The west of Norse, where mirages storm, final crystal of Angrisympia roams freely, stunts are your advantages, parkour isn't silly.”

        “What is the horrid prophecy supposed to mean?” Sally grumbled, biting her lips annoyedly.

        “Looks like we'll have to find out ourselves,” Charlie said, looking at Dandellein, who was going into the mirror, “Next stop, THE RAINFOREST!” and the three Olisens stepped into the mirror.

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part I)

        After at least a hundred miles of railway travelling, the monorail train the Olisens were on finally arrived at the entrance town of the Nordic Rainforest: Frighthinge town. “According to my new guidebook, this rainforest is called Emeraldia Rainforest. It was named after the Grand chief of the Empireusonar Ministry of Hunting in old Norway, Emeraldiaus Stephanfang Sapphireck (Emerald-i-aws Steh-fen-fang Saf-fir-reck), also known as the Greatest STEMinist in Scandinavian History. The forest stretches over 11 towns. The first town is where we are now, the Frighthinge town. Then it's North Gabryla, then Runker East, West Bull, the Quicksand village, the Lavaton, Antiburg, Mythirge City, Jewelia, and at last, the Burg of Mirages. Journeying through each town would cost you at least 2.5 hours,” Charlie read aloud, his face solemn.

        “Yeah, we have a guidebook too, you know! You're really a know-it-all person,” Sally sighed annoyedly, scratching her hands as if she was itching to go into the forest. The entrance of the rainy jungle was a tall bramble bush with a cut door-shaped hole that has a curved top and a sign. They went in. Oops, I forgot to tell you that Mary was an electro-brainiac and a brilliant human GPS.

        Later in the day, Mary announced that they would be crossing North Gabryla's borders in ten minutes. She also mentioned that there will be a rester's mill in nine minutes. “I hate leaving James alone in Asgard,” she muttered just the right volume to let Sally and Charlie hear her.

        “It's worth it,” Charlie comforted, his voice softening into extreme gentleness, “we're getting his cure, remember?”

        “Yeah. Thanks Charlie,” Mary murmured, her face breaking into a smiley grin, “I really appreciate your solacing words.”

        Sally, who had run ahead when her siblings were conversing, skidded to an abrupt halt.

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part II)

        “What's the matter, Sally?” Mary asked.

        “We found the mill,” Sally said, and pointed at a water-powered mill, “and apparently we also came to a halt in front of a rocketing elevator leading to the Island of the Extremely Big Labyrinth.”

        “According to my guidebook, the Floating Island of the Labyrinth is one of the most difficult challenges in the forest. It is only 1000 metres away from space, so it has even less than 50% of the oxygen we usually breathe. It is 25000 metres away from land. Step onto the wrong paths, you either fall to death or be killed. Only people like the majestic deputy of the ninja's council, the monumental prince of Sweden, and the prime queen of fortune and magic had barely crossed this very labyrinth, even with the help of luck. It takes 3 hours to get past this one IF you can,” Charlie recited.

        Sally gulped anxiously, shifting her fingers. It had been a long time since she even saw an airplane, not to say heights. She didn't even want anyone to think about the three words 'in the air'.

        The trio went into the elevator and after a bilious ride which seemed like 100 eons but was only 1 second, they reached floor number 20000 where there was really low oxygen. In front of the three young detectives were three different, historical doors. Mary opened all of them cautiously. On the other side of the first door laid a room of cobras, boas, coral snakes and scorpions. Behind the second door was a long, marble hallway of traps that contained lava burns, ice slips, poison pools and piranha ponds. In the third choice were a storming chamber of lions, tigers, leopard, jaguars, panthers, cheetahs, coyotes, jackals and hyenas. They looked intensely voracious at some point.

        The threesome stood together, discussing which one to go in. “I think it's the one with the snakes and scorpions. I bet they aren't even venomous!” Sally decided aloud.

        “We're talking about bets now, are we?” Mary spat, “Well I bet it's the one with the wild cats!”

        “Hey guys,” Charlie interrupted irritatedly, “I think, physically and logically, it's the trapping one. They aren't alive and we could use parkour. Dandellein mentioned something about parkour.” He proved that the three children could stunt across by explaining the ways of passing the traps and that piranhas don't eat humans unless they make them frightened. But his sisters-that-don't-read-many-books just stood there, clear that they didn't believe him.

        “Look, dudettes. Watch Peekaboo Kids on Youtube: the episode 'What If You Fell Into A Piranha Pool',” Charlie exhaled and rolled his eyes. “Why am I the only smart one in the Olisen detectives?” Charlie was concentrating so much on being the 'smart one' that he was unaware of where he was going. But then he heard Mary shout a warning at the last possible second. There was a lava trap right in front of his almost-burned shoes. “Darn!” he said, then sprang up and grasped one of the loose stones. It went into the wall and, in an instant, Charlie the Intelligent was standing, barely balancing on a small platform. He swung onto another loose brick and again, it made a brand new platform. It kept on going until there was only one brick to get. Charlie jumped and clawed at it, and for a second, Sally thought that the wall was collapsing. But that doesn't make any sense because brick walls don't just collapse when it has a boy's weight on it. With a 'thwang' noise, Charlie vanished into the wall.

         Meanwhile, Charlie was sucked by a portal and had landed on an old, springy mattress. He was in a hall. His ankles and heels and knees throbbed painfully despite the soft landing. It was quite a height from the portal to the mattress. 'I think it was about a kilometre?' he calculated, in thought. The mattress can only stop you from breaking something or better, from dying.

        In an instant, in mid-air, the portal began to diminish. At the last imaginable second, Charlie's sisters bounced in and grabbed some stones and started climbing down. “Well, at least we found the exit,” said Mary, pointing at a faint glint of light just beyond a piranha pool. Mary, as the oldest in the trio, went first. She tried to jump across the piranha pool, but it was much too wide. Sally cried woefully as her older sister fell into the pool and disappeared under the surface.

        In the meantime, Mary swam toward a bright glow. 'A crystal,' she thought curiously, 'Maybe even an Angrisympian one.' There was a glowing, red and yellow crystal that was floating halfway above the surface-and it was surrounded by a tornado of piranhas.

        'Oh, no!' Mary thought fearfully. She tried to get the crystal, but was much too far away, so she had no choice. She swam towards her certain destiny–and UNCERTAIN death. Surprisingly to Mary, the piranhas didn't bite her when she approached them.

        “Charlie was right! They really are herbivorous and fish-eating!” Mary exclaimed to the skies above, thanking them and Charlie's intelligence after she saw fish and vegetables in one of the piranhas' mouth. She grabbed all the crystals and put them in her Nordic souvenir purse and told her siblings (except James, of course) to swim across, and also persuaded Sally that Charlie's theory about the piranhas was right.

        Charlie then solemnly announced that the labyrinth arched over 4 towns and they were in Antiburg.

        “It doesn't seem too 'anti' to me,” Sally muttered under her breath, “The name is just a misnomer AND a mare's nest.” She found a rock and sat on it. Exactly 13 milliseconds later, a knife popped out of the rock. Sally screamed painfully, her butt haemorrhaging with a kind of weird-looking gooey liquid pouring out of it.

        “Losing consciousness…” Sally wheezed, blood still squirting out from her bottom. To Sally, everything became dark.

        “To me, Antiburg is booby-trapped and injuriously 'anti' and scorpionic with extremity and danger,” Charlie scoffed, and sniffed with a disrespectfully a-little-bit-victorious look on his face.

        “And what does that mean?” Mary asked viperishly.

        “According to my past hypotheses, the liquid in the blood is a Tityus obscurus scorpion's stinger poison,” Charlie replied, triumph in his look turning into worry.

        Mary scowled, “No other Olisens are going to get hurt, Odin.” She quickly zoomed away, with Charlie carrying Sally on her tail.

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part III)

        Mary stopped in front of a gate with spikes sticking out of it, and Charlie stopped too, panting with exhaustion. They had a dehydration problem to solve.

        “According to my guidebook, Antiburg has a perniciously unchangeably low temperature of -71.9˚C (-97.5˚F=201.2˚K), which is lower than the lowest temp recorded in the Northern Hemisphere: -67.7˚C (-88.1˚F=206.5˚K). It is 97% likely to catch hypothermia,” Charlie wheezed, his body shivering fiercely. His hair was already frozen and his lips already blue. Mary was better with her polar bear jacket while Charlie only wore a dinosaur T-shirt with a plain raincoat and trousers and sneakers. Mary took off the polar bear coat and gave it to her younger brother.

        The Olisens could not pass the gates so they climbed the burg's wall with the help of stuck-out stones. When they reached the top of Antiburg's wall, they saw heavily-armoured guards holding 50-caliber rifles and B-41 hydrogen bombs strapped to their hips.

        “Those guards look dangerous!” Mary whispered, in panic and of course, confidence, “But we have parkour!” They found a ladder and threw a stone as far as their strength together could throw. While the guards were distracted, they quickly climbed down the ladder and hid behind a pole in an outdoor corridor, holding their breaths and trying not to move. Sally woke up and blinked, clearly scared and confused.

        “Who are you?” demanded Sally, narrowing her eyes suspiciously “and why am I here? Where am I and who…am I?”

        Charlie shook her head and muttered, “Serious case of amnesia.”

        “You are called Sally and we're in Antiburg. We're your siblings, Mary and Charlie. You're here to save your sick brother, James,” Mary said softly. Sally seemed annoyed.

        “Liar! I mean about the sibling part and the Antiburg part,” she roared angrily, “And what is Antiburg?”

        “OK, stop the noise just for a minute, maybe?” whispered Charlie impatiently. A guard was coming their way, his hand gripping the trigger of a machine gun, frowned, and went away. The Olisens sighed of relief and Charlie looked at the Antiburgian map on his guidebook. The trio went through a giant door, accepting the wind that was blustering against them. In front of them was a busy village as large as Odin's castle, which is 9 square kilometres. They went through the streets, stupefied. As they reached the end of one of the streets, they saw a majestic mountain, at least 800 kilometres tall.

        “What mountain is that?” Mary asked one of the monks near them.

        “Don't you know?” said the monk with a weird look, “it is called Mount Monchuce, alias fortress of the Master and the Source of power. Master Monchuce, or rather King Monchuce IX, is the healer of every man and woman in the world! Everybody knows that!”

        “Uh...We come from a different country,” Mary stammered, an uninterpretable look spreading on her face, “Do you have any idea how we can get up there?”

        “See that small box over there? Climb in, one by one, then you would be teleported into Master Monchuce's palace in the mountain,” the monk replied solemnly.

        The Olisens rushed to the box. Mary scrambled in first. She immediately disappeared in the small compartment. Charlie came next, dragging Sally in with him. They landed on a grand bed with closed curtains. The Olisens got up and began wandering around the palace. They found a man meditating on a jewel throne in a great big hall.

        “Sorry for disturbing your uh... peace sir. But our sister here has a serious case of amnesia and needs healing from you, Great Master Monchuce IX,” Charlie said, still holding a struggling Sally captive.

        “I understand. I have not so many brave men come to my castle upon request of medication,” an old raspy voice boomed down on them, “I might not be the most effective king of the Antiburg Paradise of all, but I certainly do know the most about healing. Amnesia, you say? Must be one of the castle's scorpion X traps that Milzal put in. And for that I will give you medication and a gift for coming, yet you have to do a favour for me.”

        “Anything for healing her,” Mary begged, tears welling up in her eyes.

        “Bring a book about King Saliviaus XVII of Jewelia,” King Monchuce instructed.

        “We already have one,” Charlie said, and handed the main handbook about Jewelia.

        “Here,” Charlie said, and the monk king hoisted Sally onto a chair and tied her up. He then gave Mary five crystals, and continued, “Take it, for your endangered brother and your oldest sibling.”

        Then he started the Rememoriza*. Lightning struck Monchuce's hand, went through it, and struck Sally's brain. The king slowly rotated his hand anticlockwise. After an hour, Sally's memory was fully restored, and the three Olisens, at last a trio again, marched towards the next towns and the next dangers.

Rememoriza*=an ancient Nordic spell of healing amnesia or memory problems

Chapter 8 Olisen parkourists in the rainforest (Part IV)

        When the three Olisens sleuths arrived at Mythirge City, they gasped at the giant town in front of them. The citizens were most certainly neither humans nor deities; they were beasts, all of them having different features and powers. Some with wings, some with sharp teeth, some with fins and some with animal body parts and even scales! This was most definitely not the kind type of city the trio were imagining it to be. They finally wandered across a pair of doors at a dead end. Sally gripped the polished doorknob and forced it open with a grunt. There was a great big room with four chandeliers and two staircases and a throne in the middle, just like where Monchuce had positioned the throne. The monster that was sitting on the throne flicked its eyes open, revealing a pair of wicked-looking eyes beneath the dark eyelids.

        “What makes thee come here?” asked the monster, showing its great big sharp yellowish teeth to the children, “Thy explanation?”

        “We hope to pass,” Sally bellowed, disdain spreading in her eyes.

        “My name is King Churchoire IV (Chur-cu-a) and passing is not possible,” the demon cackled with a slight German accent in his voice, “people who get in are prisoners, and all children in here become my supper, organ-less. I especially like human children baked on cinnamon and topped with lemon slices and Worcester Sauce and venison.”

        “Never!” Mary cried viciously, looking for an escape route. King Churchoire lunged at the detectives. At the last second, Mary dragged her siblings to the left staircase and they quickly climbed up. There must be more than two hundred steps because the staircase took them more than half an hour to go up to a large chamber filled with shelves: a library. There was no other exit in the room, just the one they came in from and a door to a balcony. The Olisens could hear the pants of their doom, His Majesty Churchoire, going up the exhausting stairs. They were doomed and certain that they were going to die.

        The devil came in with a ring of keys and locked the door, then roared, “It's just you and me now, cheats.”

        It was not until the beast attacked when an idea popped out in Charlie's brain.

        “The balcony!” he whispered to his siblings, and rushed toward the glass balcony doors, followed by the others, then moaned, “locked!”

        But no, Sally was in the military for a year when she was seven. She ran towards the glass doors and smashed it into pieces for Mary, Charlie and her to step into. The sleuths looked down and saw a blanket of thick snow 0.2 km below them. It was a perfect place for the children to land on, not some atrociously obnoxious cement sidewalk that could pierce their skulls. They then jumped and landed hard on the ground, just beside a jeep with a snow plough. They jumped in and zoomed away before Churchoire had time to flap his wings.

Chapter 9 The 'miragestorm'

        The Olisens reached the Burg of Mirages by sunset. They had managed to get five more crystals from King Saliviaus XVII of Jewelia. The Burg of Mirages was a total desert with only a small town in it. They had only a crystal to go and an hour and a half until James was supposed to plunge to death. The trio had used the rest of their Barclay's piggy bank money and used it to book a hotel suite from a radio in the jeep. When they arrived at the hotel, they found out that it was more like a big gingerbread house with two comfortable suites. On the outside, it might be small, but on the inside, it turned out to be very warm and cosy. After a night in the hotel, the Olisens set off into Western Miragea, where the capital of the Burg of Mirages, Shronkemunni, laid, along with the woods of the Golden Crystal.

        When the Olisens finally arrived in the woods, they parked their jeep right in front of a narrow pathway into the dark. They lit up their matches (they didn't have torches) and went in. On and on the path went until–half an hour later, they finally strolled upon a large box. Charlie touched it–and a holographic riddle appeared as if projected by the box. It says: 'What blows things up to the sky and made a fictional witch die?' Apparently, the Olisens watched a movie of the Wizard of Oz just before they came to Asgard and knew the answer. Together, they shouted 'tornado' at the box. The holographic riddle vanished and the box opened, creating a tornado of crystals. Mary lunged at one, but Charlie held her back.

        “Most of them are mirages. And I read if you touched the mirages, the patient would have the possibility of dying an hour earlier,” Charlie recited from his guidebook. The sun was clear at that spot and Charlie examined the crystals. He said that the one that makes a shadow and reflects sunlight is the real one, and that was how they got the last crystal and drove back to Asgard.

Chapter 10 James is healed!

        After the three Olisen children arrived back at Asgard in their jeep, they received lots of glaring and booing (they ignored those) but the real problem was that they would've had a hard time finding James; but fortunately their elder brother was rushing around the entrance hall at an incredible speed.

        “James! Stop!” Sally shouted across the room, where James was whizzing around, looking at stuff. James stopped and looked straight at his three younger siblings, then greeted them, but then Mary stuffed the crystals into her elder brother's mouth. James chewed and gobbled them all in two bites.

        Then, James glowed and all his speed disappeared and he floated into the air, became paler and floated down again, but then got engulfed in the middle of a Olisens' Crushhug (a hug that crushes you that the children's Iraqi great-great-great-grandmother Antricia invented).

        “Woah, bros, woah,” James grinned inaudibly under his siblings' giant bear hug, “I know where we can spot the hammer thief.”

        “Where?” Sally asked, interested, and got her brother's 'follow me'. James led the sleuths into a big room filled with shelves and ancient scrolls and books. He turned into a corridor of scrolls named the 'Ancient Norsiology scriptures' and pulled out a leather-covered book.

        “ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE THUNDER'S LOVE,” Charlie read the title aloud, “What's that gotta do with the missing Mjolnir?”

        “THE THUNDER is Thor!” exclaimed James, flipping into the table of contents. Then he found out which page Chapter 32: Mischievous Robber starts on, which made him flip to page 697, “This book takes a whole day to read if you do it non-stop.”

        Then he started reading out loud, “In 7576 BC, the teenager Loki did his fourth scheme in his life. He disguised as Thor and ran into his brother's palace. He found Thor's wife and said, 'Honey, I forgot where I put my hammer.' His wife told Loki where Mjolnir was and Thor's bro stole it. When Thor regained his weapon, he did not put Loki in jail. Loki had vowed to steal the precious weapon of Thor's again later, but in a different way next time.”

        “So, it was Loki who stole Mjolnir!” Mary exclaimed, finally getting back on track.

        “Yes. And I read from another book that Loki goes to Conker's Tavern for lunch every weekday.” James explained.

        “Soooo...are we supposed to go to thisConquerors' Tavern...tomorrow at lunch?” Sally questioned James.

        “It's Conker's. And absolutely. I've heard that there's Futbol TV there to watch if Loki comes late.” the eldest Olisen said with a sly smile.

Chapter 11 The catch in the tavern (Loki)

        The Olisens had been waiting for Loki for so long now, that it was already full time in the Bayern Munich VS Real BelaGradihnt of Belarus match (which Bayern won) and Futbol TV was showing the Manchester City VS Vonchester Utd match. Vonchester United was the football team the Olisens' friends, Henry Balthazor, Jake Johnson and Lasei Imogio were in. It was currently 2-0 to Man City. At last, When it was just about to blow for half time, Loki came and sat at the table next to the Olisens and took his order. After Loki finished his lunch, he got up and left, and the Olisens followed him. Charlie lingered behind and looked at the TV. It was full time and Von Utd had won 2-4. He smiled and followed his elder siblings.

Chapter 12 Mjolnir is back!

        Loki had gone to a place called The Imbrosia Shop and got some tape that must be for stealing Mjolnir. The sleuths followed the mischief to Thor's palace and hid behind the pillar of a great room, where Loki had gone. Loki opened a closet and got out a hammer: Mjolnir, then taped the closet shut.

        “So that's how Loki was planning to steal Mjolnir!” Mary whispered to Sally, James and Charlie. Loki cackled slyly and quietly. He never saw James's punch coming. It landed on his face and Loki went unconscious. A moment later, the Olisens brought the hammer to Prophentus's apartment and lent it to the Chinese king god.

        “Ah. Thor had been booming about the loss of Mjolnir. Thanks,” Prophentus thanked the Olisens calmly. He flicked his fingers and a machine appeared in front of the Olisens, “Step in.”

        The detectives went in and it sizzled with energy and made a BANG sound and the Olisens landed in Scandinavia, in a hotel suite, where their grandfather was sleeping. The Olisens were very exhausted and needed a nap. They collapsed onto their beds and went into a peaceful, restful sleep and never ever knew what happened with Loki, who was in the Multi-Æsir prison.

~ The End ~

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