Tuesday, March 30, 2021


I lurk around at night,

giving people a fright.

I put hands in the air,

biting people into my army lair.

(Hint - I'm a kind of monster)

I make loud, screeches, for a bat,

I love blood, and tomato cats.

I have the power of flight,

I sneak around, in the night.

(Hint - I have teeth and I'm a kind of monster)

I've a green face with warts with old age,

you will see me cast a spell when you make my rage.

Sitting on a stick with straw,

I bounce around, casting spells, following war laws

(Hint - I'm a kind of monster. I have two answers. One harder and one easier)

If you know all / some of the answers, type the answer(s) in the comment box. Or if you want answers directly, write to [email protected]

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