Wednesday, March 3, 2021


1) A hero of all with glasses on his head,

he dreams a lot in his bed.

The Dumbledore's Army he leads

and one of his friends always reads and reads and reads.

(Hint - he's in a very traditional and famous set of books)

2) The candies they ate, the witch they met,

the oven grew hotter, when the sun set.

The cruel stepmother threw them into the woods,

the poor woodcutter found his children holding food.

(Hint - they're both traditional characters)

3) The pride he leads, of all animals,

his misunderstanding of his daughter and the boy outsider is understandable.

He's the father of the lion guard leader,

he's the father of the night pride matriarch, consider!

(Hint - he's a traditional animal character of two movies)

If you know all / some of the answers, type the answer(s) in the comment box. Or if you want answers directly, write to [email protected]

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