Tuesday, February 16, 2021


1) We're from ancient times, and we're sometimes big,

an asteroid hit so you have to dig.

Some of us like meat and some eat plants,

some are small but bigger than an ant.

(Hint - it's a kind of animal)

2) A great big animal with two large ears,

I have two long tusks but I'm not so fierce.

I'm grey, blue, or even black!

If you like me, don't take it back.

(Hint - it's a kind of living thing)

3) It's white, it's yellow, it's really really pretty,

you can make a chain out of it, it's everywhere in the city.

You smell it, its smell is really good,

when you have it, it helps you to have a happy mood.

(Hint - it's a kind of flower)

If you know all / some of the answers, type the answer(s) in the comment box. Or if you want answers directly, write to [email protected]

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