Wednesday, February 10, 2021


1) When you are spinning, round and round,

I'll make you dizzy, without a sound.

If you jump, I'll pull you back onto the ground,

there's no way you can fly or float when I'm around.

(Hint - it's a never living thing)

2) You look at me, I look at you,

you look cool, and I look cool too.

I reflect almost everything, can't you see?

The only thing I can't reflect, is me.

(Hint - it's a never living thing)

3) I have hands, but don't have legs,

I have a face, but don't wear wigs.

Sometimes I hang on a wall,

and sometimes I'm really small.

(Hint - it's a never living thing)

If you know all / some of the answers, type the answer(s) in the comment box. Or if you want answers directly, write to [email protected]

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